Censorship. We don’t like the word. We really don’t like when it happens to students on our campus newspapers, magazines or other media outlets. But it’s happening — more than we like to talk about. Our students talk about it, sometimes with us, a lot more with each other and especially after they’ve graduated. A former campus journalist at Liberty University got national attention in July by landing an op-ed piece in the Washington Post about how hard it was to do journalism while on staff with his university’s weekly newspaper. He’s not alone in his concerns. But advisers have concerns too. So do provosts, vice-presidents, presidents, board members and attorneys representing Christian colleges and universities.

We at ACCM believe this is an opportunity to talk about freedom of the press on Christian college and university campuses. It’s a discussion long overdue, and one that can only make us better advisers and better navigators of the cultures in which we operate as faculty or staff.

The collection of opinion pieces here bring a variety of perspectives. There’s much more to say. And you might have some thoughts you want to add. If so, send me your thoughts in about 500 words in a Word document or PDF. We’ll screen them for appropriateness to the topic but would love
to add to our spectrum of insights into this important issue.

Thanks for looking these over!

Michael A. Longinow, Ph.D