ACCM is committed to equipping advisors and students for success through mentoring.

As media and technology become more advanced, mentoring provides the opportunity to ask or answer questions, teach and learn best practices, provide and receive support and wisdom, and more.

ACCM strives to provide mentorship in the following ways:



An email listserve is provided to all ACCM members, which allows for immediate mentorship through online correspondence.

Through email, one has the opportunity to connect with dozens of advisors all over the United States. Each member of ACCM brings a unique and diverse range of experiences and expertise.

One may also use email to set up in-person mentorship times if that is what they prefer.


The phone numbers of ACCM chair members are provided, along with their titles. As individuals who have created and led successful student media programs, they are eager to share their ideas and approaches with other media programs.

Paired alongside email correspondence, phone conversations have the potential to provide immediate help and feedback.

ACCM is dedicated to presenting as many resources as possible for Christian college media advisors.