This is an exciting year for us — not only are we collaborating with the EPA convention being held near Disneyland, but we’ll also be holding our annual advisers retreat on the same weekend near the convention site (see below.)

We’ll  have workshop slots on the program, we’ll have an on-site student media competition in a number of categories, and we’ll be part of the closing awards ceremony (awards for on-site competition and for the annual ACCM competition, which EPA coordinates for us). EPA is eager for adviser participation in workshops, and is also looking forward to mingling with (and maybe recruiting) your students — some of the best and brightest of budding pre-professionals in convergent media.

We know some of you get more travel funding from your college or university if you participate, so don’t just attend. Get involved. We need you.. There are nine sessions planned as ACCM/EPA programming and the EPA leadership likes panels as much or more than solo speakers. So we can put multiple advisers into these sessions, which  will include but are not limited to social media, cross-cultural convergence, cross-platform writing, women-and-media, visuals and design, and web-first content in publishing.