If you are a media adviser at a Christian college, regardless of size or location – then ACCM is for you. ACCM serves the needs of advisers of college media including student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, broadcast programs and online media at universities across the nation.

They face questions about how to produce a professional-level publication or media product, and they wrestle with the never-ending stream of student media choices about news, trends and the opinions.

Often, media advisers at Christian colleges and universities feel isolated and alone. They’re under pressure to censor (or just avoid) stories, and sometimes that pressure comes from those who use the Bible to explain their positions.

We want to help. We’re a coalition of people who do what you do, asking the questions you do, all in the context of serving Christ through the work of our hearts and minds as mentors and guides.

We are interested in more than putting a religious spin on student coverage of news, arts and entertainment. We’re also about more than creating Christian alternatives to “secular” media. Our vision is for student media that is known for its quality, and advisers who are equipped to help those students achieve that goal. We believe there is no reason that journalism programs at Christian colleges cannot rival the excellence of top universities.

We provide online resources for you to do better advising — ideas on approaches, insights on trends facing the advising you do, and a forum for you to share your ideas and thoughts about media advising.

Ultimately, through you and your students, we hope to influence the future media industry by promoting excellence, creativity and engagement with our world’s issues and the culture at large.


ACCM was conceived at a journalism conference at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va., in February 1995. Twenty-one journalism educators, more than 150 collegiate journalists, and nearly 20 professional veteran journalists converged that year to explore issues related to their field. One of the things that came out of those conversations was a recognition of the growing need for a national organization to serve the interests and goals of Christian journalism educators.

The depth of the need was proved by the speed with which things came together to form ACCM. Within that year, a group of educators had drafted and approved a statement of purpose and set of goals for the organization; established bylaws; elected officers and appointed committee chairs; and selected the name Association of Christian Collegiate Media. By the following March, ACCM was co-sponsoring with Christianity Today the same conference where it had found its auspicious beginnings.

Nearly two decades after those first conversations, ACCM has continued to evolve to meet the needs of its member schools and advisers. In 2011, we changed our name to Advisers of Christian Collegiate Media to more accurately reflect the audience we serve. We have also moved coasts, relocating our headquarters from Virginia to California, setting up at Biola University in La Mirada.

In 2014, ACCM began a partnership with EPA. The vision was to align ACCM’s passion for shaping highly skilled student media leaders and the EPA purpose of serving and equipping the leadership of the nation’s Christian publications. The partnership has grown steadily. EPA has provided oversight of what used to be a stand-alone ACCM media contest and provides space for its program for student media sessions and on-site student media competitions. The ACCM adviser retreat, formerly an event rotating around the country, now meets in conjunction with the annual EPA event in a venue near the convention. In 2017, EPA launched a new internship program aimed at bringing qualified students from ACCM member schools under the mentoring and guidance of EPA editors and staff across the U.S.
In turn, ACCM provides workshops and sessions that help EPA to be forward-thinking and aimed more at the needs of new generations of readers. ACCM student leaders have led a panel discussion aimed at critiquing EPA publications to help them see new ways to make their design, story selection and overall approach one that will draw in younger readers and readers of diverse racial backgrounds, tapping into trends unique to the needs of the next generation.

Today, ACCM continues to reach out to Christian colleges and universities around the nation, answering questions, providing resources and meeting the needs of advisers wherever they are. We’re glad you found us and we look forward to partnering in your vision for the future of your program and student publications.